Network options - access to non-network


Due to confirmation of a third wave of COVID-19 infections in certain regions, the Fund has had to review the hospital network on network options to meet potential capacity challenges. As access to appropriate healthcare for our members is extremely important to us, we have put interim measures in place where members on network options will be granted access to non-network hospitals under certain circumstances.

Please note: This is only a temporary measure due to the current pandemic and it involves the lifting of co-payments for members on network options at non-network facilities. This decision will be based on bed-capacity at all network hospitals within a 50km radius from the member's residence, and in response to COVID-19 surges within each region when reviewing the specific network. This interim measure is only applicable to emergency and COVID-19 admissions as of 14 June 2021.

A centralised COVID-19 information hub is available on the Bonitas website at to address all Coronavirus-related topics and questions in one place.