Our new dedicated emergency medical service


The safety of our members is a key priority. We are, therefore, pleased to announce our dedicated new emergency medical service, Bonitas SOS.

Bonitas SOS will be available from 1 May 2022

Run by our partner, Europ Assistance, Bonitas SOS offers you access to a wider pool of emergency medical service providers from 1 May 2022. This will help you and your beneficiaries get the emergency support you need when you need it.

We trust that the launch of Bonitas SOS will provide all our members with peace of mind when it comes to medical emergencies.

Who is the designated service provider?

Europ Assistance is the designated service provider for Bonitas SOS. This includes all emergency medical services for Bonitas members and their registered dependants.

What does this benefit cover?

  • Emergency medical response by road or air from the scene of the medical emergency
  • Transfer to the closest appropriate medical facility by road or air
  • Instructions on how to manage the emergency while waiting for the ambulance (e.g. start CPR)
  • Inter-hospital transfers (subject to authorisation) in accordance with Scheme Rules
  • Virtual Doctor consultations via the Bonitas Member App (Available 24/7)

What do I need to do in the case of a medical emergency?

  1. Call 0860 555 505. Provide your name, telephone number and medical aid number.
  2. Give a brief description of the incident and the severity of it. Provide the address/location (road name, number and nearest crossroad) of the scene of the incident. Stay on the phone and ensure that Bonitas SOS has all the details of the incident.

What happens if I do not use Bonitas SOS in an emergency?

The member needs to make use of Bonitas SOS in an emergency so that they can facilitate the case and make use of suitably qualified and available service providers. Should the member not contact the emergency number they may be held liable for the full cost incurred. Ambulances are to be used for emergencies only. Cases deemed not to be emergency use of an ambulance will not be covered.

Display your Bonitas SOS stickers proudly

When you join Bonitas, you will receive specially designed Bonitas SOS car stickers. Please ensure that these are attached to your vehicle as described in the letter sent with the stickers.

Details for Bonitas SOS

Call: 0860 555 505

Email: bonitasclaims@europassistance.co.za OR bonitaspostauth@europassistance.co.za

Compliments/Complaints: customercare@europassistance.co.za