Bonitas ready for Phase 2 vaccine rollout


The last two months has seen a range of questions and concerns regarding the COVID-19 vaccine. We, therefore, wish to assure you that we are collaborating with various stakeholders to ensure that you and your beneficiaries will be covered as the vaccine rollout progresses.

We are able to administer up to 150 000 vaccines per day

This is in collaboration with our partner Afrocentric Health and is in line with the Government's rollout plan. The vaccines will be covered for all members as a Prescribed Minimum Benefit on all options.

We will take all steps to procure the vaccine privately as soon as this permitted

At present all medical schemes need to procure the COVID-19 vaccine through the Government and private procurement is not allowed at this stage. We will take all measures necessary to procure the vaccine for our members once this is possible.

The vaccine rollout will take place in phases

Phase 1 was aimed at vaccinating healthcare workers. We are proud to advise that over 10 000 Bonitas members have been vaccinated in this phase.

Phase 2 of the rollout has been adjusted to prioritise vaccinations for members over the age of 60 years. This phase will run from May until July 2021. Members between the age of 40 and 60 years will be prioritised thereafter, with rollout set to take place from August to November 2021. Phase 3 will be for those younger than 40 years.

Our rollout plan is underway

We are engaged and collaborating with key industry stakeholders, including the National Department of Health (NDoH), Business for SA and the Board of Healthcare Funders, to assist and collaborate with the rollout for Phase 2. We are also in the process of requesting accreditation to set up private vaccination centres across the country for ease of access for our members.

We will take every step necessary to help protect you and your beneficiaries particularly and will keep you updated as things develop. In the interim, please continue to practice social distancing, wash your hands regularly and continue to wear a face mask. Together, we can beat the COVID-19 pandemic.


The government recently announced a pause in the use of the Johnson and Johnson Covid-19 vaccine and advised that the Pfizer vaccine will be used going forward. We are monitoring the changes as they progress and will keep you updated as new information is made available from the Department of Health.